Shiro Games Charges the Gates of Gamescom with Exciting Reveals, New Release Dates, and More

Shiro Games broke it at Gamescom.

Publisher and developer Shiro Games walked into Gamescom with reveals for wartales Y Northgard and date of departure for the last update of Dune: Spice Wars.

The open world RPG tactical medieval game, wartales, unveiled its capital city “The Great Gosenberg”, which is set to be the biggest update to date in its Early Access version. Filled with challenging opportunities, the mercenaries will uncover hidden mysteries, as well as an extension to the main story, as they traverse the streets and sewers of the Great City of Gosenberg. Upgrade your gear with new materials, weapons, and tools for greater efficiency, and fight your way to riches and notoriety!

Dune: Spice Warsthe 4X RTS game that carries out its own interpretation of the award-winning sci-fi book series, brings the update with the mighty House Corrino on PC via Early Access on Steam in September 2022. Manages a new system of economy through balancing taxes and bribes to keep the empire prospering.

Northgard, the Viking strategy game that has sold over 2.4 million copies, revealed the next contender to join the fray: the Clan of the Eagle, who will take up arms in Q4 2022. One should not venture too far. to prosper in the lands of Northgard. He takes on the spirit of the predator himself and efficiently explores with a new unit, called the Falconeer, to gather resources as well as fame, close to home.

This was commented by Adrien Briatta, Head of Advertising and Marketing at Shiro Unlimited:

The team had a fantastic time at the presentation, connecting with the guests and other exhibitors, we will always be grateful to our developers and their hard work to date, and we are very excited for the day when gamers around the world can experience firsthand all the incredible content that is to come.

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