Skoda Vision 7S: an electric SUV with 600 kilometers of autonomy and 7 seats that will arrive in 2026

Skoda has presented in Prague the prototype Vision 7San electric SUV that not only advances some keys to a future production model that will hit the market in 2026, but also shows for the first time the new aesthetic language of the Czech company, which will change its image and positioning within the Volkswagen Group in the next years.

The design philosophy Modern Solid and strategy Next Level 2030whose main objective is that by the end of the decade 70% of Skoda’s sales correspond to electric vehicles, they will be accompanied by a significant investment of 5,600 million euros in electromobility (as well as 700 million in digitization).

Of the three electric models that Skoda will launch between 2024 and 2026, the Vision 7S will be the most familiar of all. Developed on the MEB modular platform, the concept is equipped with an 89 kWh battery pack that allows it to exceed 600 km WLTP of autonomy; In addition, it can charge a maximum of 200 kW of power in direct current.

All models that Skoda launches from 2024 will sport the new visual identity, which will be characterized by its simple and clear lines. On the front we should highlight the new «Tech Deck Face», a reinterpretation of the company’s classic radiator grille, completely blinded, reduced and adapted for the new electric age. This element will also integrate a complete battery of sensors behind a darkened glass.

Skoda Vision 7S

The Skoda Vision 7S uses recycled materials in the bodywork and passenger compartment

The Skoda Vision 7S headlamps take on a striking T-shape both front and rear; what’s more, the corporate logo has been replaced by the brand name both on the hood and on the tailgate. The bumpers are made from recycled tires and include orange hooks that can also be used to safely cut off power. The aerodynamic design wheels are 22 inches.

The cabin houses three rows of seats, although we should consider it a 6 + 1 instead of a 7-seater to use, because the seventh seat is actually a child seat integrated into the center console at the height of the second row, the safest place in the vehicle. The production version probably has a more conventional setup.

Skoda Vision 7S

Of course, there are no Simply Clever details like some strategically placed magnets to place smartphones. The driver has two configurations for the cabin: if Relax mode is activated, the 14.6-inch screen in an upright position rotates 90 degrees to adopt a panoramic format, while the steering wheel and instrumentation are removed.

In addition, the first two rows of seats are pushed back to increase the available space. This setup has been specially designed with charging stops in mind. The upholstery is made of recycled polyesterwhile the metal parts are thinner and have a matte finish, which reduces the cost of materials and the energy required for their manufacture.

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