Smelter arrives in physical format for Nintendo Switch and PS4

Help Eve find Adam with the help of her life suit: Smelter!

smelterthe new action and platform metroidvania game, published by Red Art Games, and distributed by Selecta Play in Spain, will go on sale this October 7, 2022 for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

After the untimely destruction of the Garden, Eva finds herself in an unknown world and her beloved Adam is nowhere to be found. In her search for Adam, she meets smelteran unusually overconfident winged creature, with the powerful ability to transform and merge with others, giving them incredible powers.

Offering his seemingly “invaluable” help, smelter he transforms and merges with Eva. They set out on a journey to the treacherous Lands of the Mute. There, they expand the territory of smelterallowing them to delve deeper into the various domains to find out what happened to their Adam, in the hope of finding him in one piece and finding their way back to their peaceful lives…

Main features of SMELTER

  • Classic Mode: Hybrid game mode that combines fast-paced platforming with top-down strategy.
  • Meet a cast of characters with personalities ranging from the eccentric to the downright wacky.
  • Action Mode: Take on challenging 2D action levels, enemies and bosses with their own backstories, while letting your minions take care of strategy and base building.
  • Master three skill sets, with over 40 upgrades that can be earned through multiple challenges, allowing for variation in combat, movement, and defense tactics.
  • Activates the “Smell” skill, which can be used both in combat and on items to traverse difficult terrain.
  • Boss Rush Mode: Battle the many wacky bosses in a series of ever-increasing challenges and claim your place as champion.
  • Enjoy a soundtrack that combines synth and guitar, with music by Evader and opening and ending themes by Manami Matsumae (Mega Man Shovel Knight).

Release dates and more information about this exciting metroidvania will be announced soon.

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