so you can buy without leaving the messaging application

The dream of Meta, the old Facebook, is for WhatsApp to become in one of the main shopping channels in the world. Being able to go to WhatsApp to buy anything without having to exit application, such as eating groceries. A dream that is still distant in Spain but is already a reality in other countries, such as India.

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as collected TheVerge, WhatsApp users in that country can now buy groceries through the platform, without having to leave the app. And it is that Meta has announced an integration with the company JioMart, a local firm of e-commerce. By sending a simple “Hello” to a number, WhatsApp will allow the user to buy said groceries as if they were in a supermarket.

According to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the idea of ​​business through messaging and its experiences are the way forward for both users and communication between consumers and businesses “for years to come.” This integration will be enabled in the app, in a part of WhatsApp for browsers, and will integrate everything from payment selection to delivery, all within WhatsApp.

Buy food by WhatsApp

The idea is simple: make the purchase through WhatsApp, meaning that the user does not need to leave the application or use any other application at any time. app. JioMart is one of the best allies for this purpose in India, since it belongs to Reliance, one of the most important telephone and economic services companies in the entire country.

For years, WhatsApp has been introducing ways to buy and sell products, but more from the catalog of unique products. It is developing thanks to its variant of companies, whatsappbusiness, although Meta is not hiding its intention to integrate many more services into WhatsApp.

WhatsApp and JioMart.



The system follows the same philosophy as the rest of WhatsApp purchases. A catalog with product categories will be enabled, and buyers will be able to add items to the cart and make the payment, all without leaving the WhatsApp chat, which will remain practically intact in terms of design.

It is not the first time that Meta has carried out this type of change in countries such as India or other areas of Latin America, such as Brazil. These projects are the prelude to the future of WhatsApp: making the apps The quintessential messaging service not only serves to chat, but also to make purchases, book flights and much more. In short, turning WhatsApp into your shopping center in the smartphone.

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