So you can recover deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone

The operation of the WhatsApp notification system in the operating systems of Android and IOS act differently, so the process for recovering messages that have been deleted changes slightly. Certain Android devices have the feature “Notification history” with which to rescue these messages. In addition, there are other options with which to save the conversation trail left by the application on Android.

How to recover deleted messages on IOS?

In the case of iPhone users, it is more complicated to recover those deleted messages that leave us with so much intrigue. It has been from this 2022 that WhatsApp has added new features to guarantee the privacy and security of its clients and that allow access to this content.

If your operating system is IOS, you will not need to download a third-party application to find out the information that they have tried to hide from you, but it requires a little more effort. For this it is recommended to use WhatsApp backup. If you do not have it activated automatically, you can do it in the settings of the application, where an option called “Chats” in which the “Backup Copy” is located.

If you have never backed up your instant messaging app and have been using it for several years, this process may take a while. extended time, just like occupying a signifier storage space. Make sure this is done only on the phone and not in iCloud or Drive. If you keep the backup up to date (the messages must be visible before performing the backup) you will be able to see those messages that are so interesting.

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