Sonic Frontiers gameplay new –


after our first impressions at gamescom, sonic frontiers has presented 2 new trailers with gameplay.
In them there is a zone that, until now, we had not seen in the previous trailers. Is about Ares Island

We leave them below:

For those who are not very up to date, we remind you of the main features of the new game of the most famous hedgehog in video games:

Try the new platforms in the open areas
Race across five massive islands, each with its own unique platforming challenges and hidden secrets.

Freedom at unmatched speed
Choose your own path and discover side quests and puzzles, scale huge structures, go fishing and find a friendly face or two on your adventures…

Challenge yourself in cyberspace
Unlock cyberspace, with iconic 3D platforming at supersonic speeds and a wide variety of challenges that will put your skills to the test.

cyber combat
Use the new combat system and skill upgrades, combining moves like dodge, block, counter, combos and the new cyber spin to take down your enemies.

A new adventure full of mysteries and intrigues
Become Sonic and travel to unravel the mysteries of an ancient civilization threatened by hordes of robots

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