Sony launches a lighter PlayStation 5, more cuts in cooling?

By Australia A new version of the Playstation 5 Much lighter than the original model. Although it is not a Slim variant, the notable difference in weight compared to the original model suggests that the console has received a new cut in the cooling systemwhich not onlyits production cheapbut also reduces weight.

Specifically, we are talking about the playstation 5 model IFC-1200Awhich has a weight of 3.9 kilogramsa notable price difference compared to the 4.5 kilograms of the original model (CFI-1000A), or the 4.2 kilograms of the CFI-1100A model launched last year with a slight cut in the cooling system. To be exact, this new version weighs the same as the PS5 Digital Edition weighed at its launch (CFI-1000B). This model has also been slimming down over time, as the 2021 version (CFI-1100B) reduced its weight to 3.6 kilogramswhile the new 2022 model (CFI-1200B) weighs 3.4 kilograms.

The weight reduction of the PlayStation 5 (CFI-1200A) may be linked to the cooling system

The image you just saw compares the cooling system of the original PlayStation 5 with 4.5 kilograms (CFI-1000A) with the 2021 version of 4.2 kilograms (IFC-1000A). In this specific case the temperatures varied significantly, and it is that although the SoC, the AMD APU, increased temperatures by 5.1ºCthe one with the memories decreased by up to 4ºCwhile VRM temperatures dropped in up to 1.7ºC.

When it became known that the console had lost 300 grams of weight, it was more than evident that the cooling system had lost power. The old cooling system weighs 1,639 kilograms in front of the 1,368 kilograms new. There we have 271 grams of weight less. Or put another way: 271 grams less copper and aluminum. With these data in hand, it is logical to think that the company has once again made adjustments to the cooling system

Cheaper cooling system for an improved SoC?

Now it will be time to see the reasons behind this new weight reduction, and it is evident that the future console review will answer this question. The reasons behind this reduction can be many, such as reduce production costs again. The hypothesis that we doubt the most, which will be to have optimized it by making some adjustments, or a very feasible option, that the SoCs are reaching a more refined manufacturing process that allows them to operate at the same frequencies with lower voltagewhich implies lower energy consumption, lower temperatures, and thus the possibility of cutting back in terms of cooling.

The curious thing comes now, and that is that Sony has been the only company that has increased the price of its PlayStation 5 consoles. The reason is more than obvious: everything that goes on sale is sold, so raising the price of 50 euros implies win more for every console sold. If you add to that reduce manufacturing costsbecause the company is quite benefited.

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