“Spending 365 euros is not something for the rich”

At the end of 2021, Dabiz Muñoz raised the price of the DiverXO tasting menu. Specifically, it went from 250 to 365 euros. Already at the time, the chef pointed out that, despite the price, his restaurant “is not just for a few.” Now, in an interview in the Italian version of Vanity Fair, he has assured that “spending 365 euros is not something for the rich.”

«A Ferrari is for the rich, a five-star hotel, a yacht. If you save your money for a few months, you can go to any restaurant in the world. In fact, I will tell you more: good food is the most affordable luxury experience you can have today », she declared in the interview.

In this sense, he has compared the menu of his restaurant with events or shows that have a large audience: «Do you know how much a ticket for a Harry Styles concert costs? From 300 to 600 euros: do you think that everyone who goes to see it is rich? They are normal people who save money because they want to have that experience. If you go to see Real Madrid – Juventus, a ticket starts at 250 euros, and football is certainly not for the rich. They are different ways of looking at the experiences that are made».

At the end of 2021, when the price and location of the restaurant changed, the chef already explained that he wanted DiverXO to be sustainable on an economic and human level and therefore justifies the increase of more than 100 euros.

Dabiz Muñoz, who has three Michelin stars, has already revealed that DiverXo was giving losses over 15 years. “It’s my restaurant and I set the price. Another thing is what people are willing to pay. We wanted to improve the quality of life for employees. If people didn’t want to pay that price, DiverXO would have to have disappeared”, he explained this March at Madrid Fusión.


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