Streamer Kimmikka banned from Twitch for having live sex

Live streaming has its risks, all streamers know that, and they take great care to ensure that their broadcasts have the necessary quality to continue adding followers. But even the most experienced in networks like Instagram, Youtube or Twitch make mistakes once consecrated. This is what has happened to Kimmikka, a user of the platform who has seen her account suspended foror having had sexual intercourse during a live chat.

On August 24, Kimmikka appeared on her Twitch channel at her usual table, but standing up. Without saying a word, the users began to notice something strange in her that came backed for the change in his facial expressions, which generated a lot of curiosity in social networks and began to speculate about it.

The funny thing is that the streamer had conversations in the chat while broadcasting the direct, but without realizing that everything on the internet is scrutiny and that several users realized very soon that the reflection of her silhouette was seen in the window of her room and that her partner could be distinguished standing behind her. They both kept a live sex.


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