subjective vaginal plane; Ana de Armas questions the restrictive age rating

The blonde temptation will not arrive in Venice until the last stages of the Venice Festival. projection of Blonde, the biopic of Marilyn Monroe made by Anne of Arms and led by Andrew Dominic that competes for the Golden Lion, will not take place until the penultimate day of the Mostra, but it is not as if this bet of Netflix for the awards season leading up to the Oscars, he’s going to let a single day go by without generating news.

Much has been written about the content of Blonde in recent months, fueling the expectation of a journey through the life of Marilyn Monroe that It has the potential to offend everyone, according to statements by its director. Nevertheless, Dominik, in addition to fueling the fire, also appeases it: At the time, he said that much of what was published about the content of the film (such as a certain menstrual cunnilingus) was nothing more than lies and exaggerations.

Nonetheless, Blonde has also made headlines for being Netflix’s first NC-17 rated movie, the most restrictive of the age ratings in the US; the equivalent of our recommendation for people over 18 years of age. Although being a streaming premiere does not have to affect the trajectory of the film, surely the warning raises eyebrows in the most conservative homes.

Ana de Armas is the first who does not understand such a restrictive qualification. In statements to L’Officiel, the actress affirms that “many other series and movies are more explicit and have more sexual content than Blonde”. “To tell this story it was important to show all those moments in Marilyn’s life that led to her ending the way she did. They needed to be explained. All of them [en el reparto] we knew that we would be moving over uncomfortable terrain. I wasn’t the only one,” she adds.

Some statements quite in line with those that Dominik had in vulture last May: “I am surprised [por el revuelo]. I thought we had colored it in,” said the New Zealand filmmaker. “Americans are really weird when it comes to sexual behavior, aren’t they? I do not know why. They are the ones who do the most porn on the entire planet, “he concluded.

The subjective vaginal shot of ‘Blonde’

Yes ok Blond-a gritty exploration of what Marilyn Monroe’s life could have been as the writer imagined it Carol Joyce Oates – will be galaxies away from a porn movie, we can begin to get an idea of ​​the explicitness of its sexual images thanks to a magazine report Empire (where Ana de Armas states that the film is called to “create controversy and discomfort”).

As can be read in the text, the author describes Blonde as “a film that pushes cinematic boundaries and pushes cultural taboos, alternating between black and white and color, switching aspect ratios, body cameras, a vaginal POV, dialogue with a fetus, and handheld camera shots.”

We are not going to say that the subjective vaginal plane is an ultra-original occurrence (there is enter the void, of Gaspar Noah), but surely it is quite new in terms of what most subscribers expect to find on Netflix screens. We will see how they react from September 28.

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