Taiwan shoots Chinese drones for the first time

The Taiwanese Armed Forces have opened fire this Tuesday against civilian drones supposedly controlled from China, shortly after the Taiwanese president, Tsai Ing Wen, demanded measures “blunt” against these types of incursions.

The Taiwanese army carried out on Tuesday warning shots against a Chinese drone that was flying over a Taiwan-controlled islet off the Chinese coast, according to a military spokesman.

The drone returned to China after the shooting, the spokesman said. It is the first time warning shots have been fired in such an incident.

The island’s Ministry of Defense has confirmed in a statement shots against at least three drones. Although it has not identified its origin, it has explained that these aircraft were withdrawn in the direction of the Chinese city of Xiamen, reports the Bloomberg agency.

“I have ordered the Ministry of National Defense to adopt the forceful and necessary measures (…) to defend the security of the airspace,” said Tsai, during a speech before the military in which he warned that Taiwan will not stay behind. arms crossed before the provocations.

The president has responded in this way to criticism for the apparent lack of response to the growing presence of drones, as recognized by the official CNA news agency. The Chinese newspaper ‘Global Times’ points out in one of its articles that the incursions show the “weak” military defense of the island.

Tension in the area has increased since the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, visited Taiwan in early August. Beijing responded with its greatest military maneuvers, to make it clear that it continues to have its sovereign claims on the island very much in mind.


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