Terelu Campos celebrates his 57th birthday and the best is reserved for the weekend

the end of summer for Terelu Campos it also means a new birthday. The presenter of Save me He turned 57 this Wednesday and has spent the day with his colleagues on the set of Mediaset. However, during her work day she has received several surprises.

The presenter was congratulated by all her colleagues, which she thanked very emotionally. In addition, the program made him a very special gift with his friend Juan Peña as the main character.

“This was not even remotely expected. John is part of my family“, Campos ended up saying after the performance of his close friend. And that congratulations were also joined by others from his environment such as Adela, Pepa, Tomás or Ñoño through various videos.

As she herself explained, all these people belong to the family of Carlos Agrelo, her ex-partner: “The time I lived there was very special in my life. I found in them a family… I haven’t seen them in a long time, but I know what they mean to me and me to them.”

At the end of the program, Terelu celebrated your first dinner party and after dinner with his daughter, Alexandra Rubio, and friends like Kike Calleja or Juan Peña, not counting his teammates. However, the big party will take place this Saturday.


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