Terelu Campos is honest about Pipi Estrada: “I put up with barbarities”

The eldest daughter of Maria Teresa Campos He has stated that he has no relationship with Pipi Estrada, although he has said the opposite: “He has sold a good relationship and confused education with relationship.” And that never in my life “have I answered the incendiary messages, loaded with insults, slander from colleagues” of this program: “I have not deleted a single one and before that he has never received a response.”

The complete words of Terelu Campos about Pipi Estrada

Although he acknowledges that if he has responded to messages: “If you use a person and I am a mother, I am incapable and my education prevents me from not having a good father before an image of that person, with what intention do you send me that? You know me well enough to know that this person is on the sidelines of everything and that he will never have a bad word towards that person. I neither have the right nor deserve it,” he explains and adds: “As a mother, the last thing I would put is the person who matters most to me in life in the face of a conflictto one that you have generated”.

The presenter makes it clear that it has been a judge who has sentenced you and that for this reason he owes her a debt: “A judge has sentenced you for something that you were warned was constituting a crime and you passed it through the lining “. And she ends very emphatically: “I spent many years enduring barbarities on television sets, someone was slandering me and falsifying reality. I had patience because I knew him so well that I knew that when this was not enough for him he would go up one more step and there I was waiting, “she concludes.


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