Tesla car owners go on hunger strike

In the future electric of the automotive industry, there are countries that are ahead, such as Norwaythat has the largest number of electric cars per capita in the world.

That’s why, Tesla It is one of the brands that sells the most vehicles there. Although now this You can change, And not exactly for the better.

Tesla, the controversy

A group of property owners has emerged Tesla in that country that they are very unhappy with their vehicles. The point is that they have met a series of problems that, on some occasions, even has prevented their use.

The lack of response of the American brand has led its owners to start a hunger strike until the problems of their cars are solved.

In fact, they have created a Web page where they draw attention Elon Musk and ask him to get in touch with them to resolve the situation.

Several Tesla owners have gone on a hunger strike until Elon Musk fixes the problems with their cars.

Tesla and a list of problems

The list of problems published by those affected is quite extensive:

  • Car won’t start when it’s cold
  • The door handles do not open when it is cold
  • Intense screeching noise
  • Car won’t start when it’s hot
  • Bubbles appear in the seats
  • loose front seat
  • The trunk lid fills with water when it rains
  • The autopilot not working correctly
  • Very slow internet connection
  • Windshield wipers not working properly
  • The car creaks when you pass speed bumps and potholes on the road
  • Decorative moldings come loose and are lost
  • lights not working properly
  • In some cases, the doors open by themselves
  • The on-board computer does not work
  • Screens have yellow borders
  • Windows don’t close all the way
  • The systems reboot themselves
  • Problems appear when charging the battery
  • Sometimes the potency is reduced for no apparent reason
  • Rust problems on the paint, especially on the Model 3
  • Poor paint quality, forcing the car to be repainted
  • air conditioning problems
  • Lower battery life than claimed by Tesla
tesla hunger strike
This poster announces that these ‘pissed off’ owners are on a hunger strike. Photo: Tesla Hunger Strike website.

Finally, these angry Tesla owners say their problems are not resolved in the official technical services and that the mark promises to contact them but then they don’t. Also, if they call, they have to expect a lot of time on the phone for someone to answer them.

For now, the hunger strike It is indefinite and they have also announced it on various social networks.

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