Text Express – Word Adventure arrives, the new mobile game that breaks schemes

The game is now available for free worldwide for iOS and Android devices.

GameHouse announces the launch of Text Express: Word Adventurea broad and challenging word game with an exciting and visual adventure narrative and a huge variety of mechanics, spanning 3,500 levels, 37 destinations, over 95 characters, and thousands of unique crossword puzzles.

Text Express: Word Adventure brings a daily dose of fun and quality ME TIME for the whole family as players adventure alongside its main character: Tilly, a brave young engineer searching for her destiny.

With this new proposal, GameHouse invites us players to travel through the world of TextExpress to discover majestic destinations on an old-fashioned train, meet exciting new characters, and help Tilly unlock her true destiny by solving multiple themed word games.

In Text Express: Word Adventure, the gameplay is challenging and varied, since the crossword puzzles go far beyond a standard word game, being the ones in this game completely unique. Players will be able to make thousands of them, find hidden words, discover new daily challenges and combine letters to form words, with the ultimate goal of unlocking new levels and advancing Tilly through her adventures around the world.

the new title launches in english, which will provide gamers with an engaging learning experience from iOS and Android if they want to perfect the language. The variety of scenarios and levels available will reinforce your vocabulary and spelling, which is definitely an added value in a casual mobile game.

These were the words of Simonetta Lulli, CEO of GameHouse, about the launch:

Text Express: Word Adventure is a growing world that sets no limits on how players can use their creativity, breaks the limits of previous word games and allows you to relax and have fun during “ME TIME” in a totally new and challenging experience. .

The inclusion and particularly the celebration of women are an integral part of our mission at GameHouse. Tilly, our young female engineer and main character, breaks stereotypes as the game’s female lead and reinforces GameHouse’s commitment to delivering fun entertainment experiences with strong values ​​around female empowerment and equality.

Text Express: Word Adventureand has been created by Story Giant Games, a small independent Dutch studio experts at blending casual gaming with strong storytelling, and published by GameHouse, a game developer and publisher that has focused on bringing entertaining and meaningful gaming experiences to gamers around the world for over twenty years.

Text Express – Word Adventure is now available for free on iOS and Android platforms, starting September 1. A new free word game (free to play) with an exciting narrative for all those players who want to discover the world together with Tilly and kill those dead moments that we have available.

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