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As summer is already ending, the truth is that it may be that during all this summer time you have installed a good number of games on your computer and the internal space of your device has literally disappeared.

It would also be a shame to have to delete all the games in which you have already passed so many stages. That is why it can be a good solution to use portable applications Windowswhich can make you more productive, but without taking up space in your HDD.

all these apps that we are going to show you have the capacity toso we will be able to carry on a flash drive and use them on the computer that we want without the need for any type of installation.

All of them will cover some of the tasks you perform as studentbut without needing them to be in internal storage from your computer.


For all of you who are taking screenshots As usual, this is a light tool in terms of storage, but powerful in what is its mission, since, for many, it works better than the one that comes with Windows.

Obviously, like all the software that we are going to see, Snipaste It can be carried on a flash drive and not have to install it on any computer.


STDUViewer is the best portable solution for open a lot of different formats.

The best thing about it is that it is compatible with practically all types of technical document formats or any other type. It has interesting capabilities such as searching for what we need in a document, no matter how large it may be, or highlighting what we want in case we don’t want it to go unnoticed.

7-Zip Portable

Although the Windows operating system itself can handle .zip filesit is always good to have a program that specializes directly in them, and if on top of that said software does not occupy anything in our internal storage, then much better.

7-Zip Portable is a great solution for handle everything that are compressed filesnot only those named zip, but it is capable of opening and managing any file of that type.

Q Jot

Q Jot it’s a text editor which can open and modify numerous types of files that have been created by Microsoft Word, as well as Unicode text and HTML.

One of the most interesting capabilities it has is to work with various .doc formatssomething that can be essential and our salvation when the projects are group, since many times it is impossible to control if someone modifies a file that they should not have touched.

On-Screen Ruler

On-Screen Rules It is one of those applications that if you have never used them, you may say that you do not need them, but when it has passed through your hands, it becomes quite relevant.

The operation is very simple, since we are talking about a customizable ruler on the screenwhich allows us to always have in view a marking that can guide us in web pages or design documents.


Shotcut is a portable application that we should never miss since we are talking about a excellent video editorbetter than many that are on the market and that are going to occupy a part of the internal storage of our computer.

will allow us edit movie and video files in a clear way, since the interface is much more intuitive than most of this type of program, powerful, since we are going to have very interesting faculties at our service, and fast, because we don’t have to install it, having a fast operation.


If what we need to have on our computer, without taking up internal space, is a 3D graphics software, Blender-Portable It is the clearest solution of how many there are on the market.

We talk about a powerful program and with everything necessary to even become the favorite application to carry out this type of task.

don’t sleep

If you are on a computer that from time to time goes to suspended status when you have not used it for a long time, you will always be able to change that setting in Windows.

The problem is that, if we are using a computer that is not ours or a device that belongs to the school or the University, it is possible that all these parameters cannot be changed.

that’s where it comes in Don’t Sleepa very useful tool to carry on a flash drive if it doesn’t take up space on the hard drive, with which we will be able to configure everything that has to do with the automatic computer lock system.

Everything Portable Search

If we have a computer full of information and, unfortunately, messy, we can always take advantage of Everything Portable Search.

This is a software that is dedicated to search and classify all kinds of files, in order to have them on the screen immediately. It can also help us to order them so that next time it is easier to find where they are.

This program is very useful to you, especially if we have on the computer documents that have similar names.


We can say that Lingoes it’s a instant dictionary, supports more than 80 languages and that besides offers online searchtext translation and capture of words on screen.

Obviously, it is a program that also can work offlinealthough in this way it does lose some of its main capabilities.

If you have a text with complicated words, this is the solution.


Textify It is one of those programs that you may never have used, but the moment you start working with it, it already becomes one of your favorites.

It’s a text grabberessentially capable of converting anything written that you can read on the screen, into plain text, as well as copy and paste wherever you want.

It is a program that will help us greatly increase productivityespecially if what we are doing is taking notes, getting information from a website or collecting data from a video, among other things.


Gridy will allow us to convert all the Windows desktop space on an invisible grid. With this program we will be able to easily fit any section or window of the microsoft operating systemso that everything is ordered the way we want, since it is fully customizable.

This can be useful if we need several windows of the computer to be distributed on the screen, since we work with all of them at the same time, for example.


Despite being a portable program, PhotoDemon it’s a powerful photo editor with which we can modify the images as we want, in addition to being able to add text, view metadata or simply take a screenshot.

We will not have problems to be able handle all types of formatssince it is capable of opening those that are more common and even some that are not so common.


TAudioConverter is a truly powerful program with which we can perform audio conversions And all this without having to install it.

I know can convert most music files that there is today, in addition to being able to edit them. We will be able to cut them, normalize them, modify the channels, the equalization and a good number of other parameters.


HDDSCan is a tool dedicated to run diagnostics on any drive that we have on the computer, even from the pendrive itself where this same software comes from.

It is an ideal way to keep our units in good conditionespecially if we have them very crowded with files.

Simple Duplicate Finder

Since surely on our laptop there are many jobs we have done during the previous year with multiple copies, we need an application like Simple Duplicate Finder.

With this percentage-based search system We will be able to organize duplicate documents much better, guaranteeing that we will be able to be clear about which of all of them is the most recent.

As you have been able to read, we will be able to have different types of programs on our flash drive, without taking up any space on the hard drive and that will be very useful now that classes are going to start again.

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