The 5 best and healthiest nuts to include in your diet

Nuts are very present in the gastronomy of most cultures in the world. Today, August 31, 2022, is Nuts Day. These food products are so named because contain less than 50% water and what is really consumed is the seed of the fruit. They are very energetic, contain trace elements, fats, proteins, vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids.

Their high energy value made many athletes add it to their diet to take during breaks in their training. The first to mix nuts with other foods were California surfers who, in 1968, added raisins to peanuts for extra energy. This led to the traditional mixtures that are served as an accompaniment in bars.

In addition to athletes, many people go to their workplace with nuts as a snack and they can even be seen in most vending machines in public and private centres.

At this time of year it is appropriate to add nuts to salads or even ice cream to provide a crunchy texture. But in some cultures such as the Persian or the Arab, it is typical to use them in stews or in traditional sweets, respectively.

The most recommended way to consume them and with which all their properties are better absorbed is eat them raw or, alternatively, toastedbut not those to which large amounts of salt or sugar are added.

It is important to include them in the diet because they contain antioxidants that prevent cardiovascular diseases and help control cholesterol by providing healthy fats.

The 5 best and healthiest nuts to include in the diet

Although they all have beneficial properties, there are five nuts that stand out above the rest. We are going to discover them on this August 31, Nuts Day.


Pistachios are very complete as a food. They contain iron, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, vitamins from group B, A, E and C, amino acids, antioxidants, monounsaturated fats and a lot of fiber.


Almonds contain vitamin E, which provides antioxidants, B vitamins and are rich in vegetable protein and fiber, being the dry fruit that contains the most.


Walnuts have a high content of omega 3, which makes them a great ally in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. They have a lot of fiber and antioxidants that restore moisture to the skin.


Hazelnuts are rich in fat, fiber and vitamin E. This content provides antioxidants and also anti-inflammatories.


Cashews have a lot of vegetable protein and also vegetable fats. In addition, vitamin A, E, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and folates, a type of B vitamin necessary to produce genetic material and for cell division in the body.

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