The actor rejected the Academy’s offer after Will Smith’s slap

Man is the only being capable of stumbling over the same stone twice, but it does not seem that Chris Rock be willing to expose yourself to a second slap. After what happened in the last edition of the Oscars, in which Will Smith got on stage to attack him, the actor and comedian has decided that he will not present the Oscar. At least the next edition.

so it has confirmed the actor himself, who has revealed that the Academy He offered him to be the host of the most important film awards despite what happened. However, it was Chris Rock who made the decision to decline the offer as he revealed in Arizona at the Phoenix Financial Theaterwhere he also confirmed that he had declined another offer for an advertisement for the superbowl.

True to his humor, Rock dared to joke about the fact that “return to the crime scene” returning to present the Oscars, comparing the situation with the case of OJ Simpson. “It would be like asking Nicole Brown Simpson to go back to the restaurant.“, referring to when the wife of the former football player left some glasses in a restaurant just before being murdered by her husband.

Rock also used the moment to point out the obvious difference between him and Smith and why he wouldn’t even think of getting into a new dispute with the actor from I’m legend. It’s bigger than me. The state of Nevada would not sanction a fight between me and Will Smith.“Rock joked. With the loss of Chris Rock, who had already become a regular host at the Oscars, the Academy will have to find a presenter again for the next gala, which will take place on March 12, 2023 .

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