The before and after of Gloria Estefan: this is what the famous woman looked like before her debut on the music scene

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Gloria Estefan has been crowned as one of the most important figures on the music scene thanks to his contributions to the tropical genre. In addition, it has one of the longest and most acclaimed careers by the public.

Originally from Havana, Cuba, Gloria María Milagros Fajardo García was born on a day like today, but in 1957. She has stood out for being one of the best-selling artists with 70 million records accumulated worldwide, becoming in turn the best-selling Latin artist in the United States.

And although there is now no Latino who has not heard the name of Gloria Estefan, few people remember the beginning of his careerwhen the pretty singer was looking to achieve fame.

The beginning of its trajectory dates from the year 1977when she had her first success with the song ‘Renacer’, which led her to part of the Miami Sound Machine and Gloria Estefan.

Although Gloria Estefan ended up leaving the group and starting her solo career, his English album sold over 15 million copies worldwide and his single ‘Si voy a perserte’ also gained great popularity on the charts.

From then on, the Cuban continued to achieve success at a professional level, embarking on new adventures with the launch of various record materials and tours with which he traveled to various parts of the world.

It should be noted that in addition to her music, Estefan conquered with her beauty and “rebellious” and unconventional style for the genre in which she developed. Within his look, his hair with natural curls stood out, as well as revealing outfits completed by vests and leather jackets that highlighted her figure.

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