the best ally for the skin

Everything you need to know about aloe vera: the best ally for the skin

It is an ancient plant that has great acceptance in society. Due to its properties and its multiple uses, it is currently one of the most popular plants in sectors such as medicine or aesthetics.

Today, Aloe vera is known as the plant of a thousand uses, taking into account that it is found in the composition of numerous products. Its main characteristic is that it produces a large amount of gel, precisely for this reason, It is normally used for cosmetics and other skin care products. Without a doubt, there are multiple active components, since aloe vera has amino acids, minerals, fatty acids, enzymes, polysaccharides and vitamins, to which is added its 99% water.

What are its properties?

As has been mentioned, this plant is very beneficial for people, among other things, because aloe vera properties there are many. In this way, it must be said that aloe vera It is moisturizing and toning, as well as healing, emollient and disinfectant. It is also astringent, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory, to which other properties such as antifungal, laxative, purgative and choleretic are added.

The best companion for the skin

Although aloe vera has many uses, the truth is that This plant is widely used to make products designed for skin care. Its properties make the dermis look perfect and above all, prevent or improve conditions and diseases.

In this way, with aloe vera you will have at hand a powerful healing agent, thus helping to regenerate skin tissues more quickly, easily and with total natural guarantees.

Also It is frequently used in people suffering from acne., knowing that it quite cures this disease due to its astringency. Aloe vera is ideal for getting rid of that unpleasant fat that accumulates in the pores, as well as helping to cleanse the facial area.

On the other hand, it is also a good product for skin regeneration. Thanks to its calming effect, it becomes a great ally for those skins that have been exposed too much to the sun’s rays. Also after a shave or hair removal. Being moisturizing, it softens the area and soothes the skin in this type of situation.

Likewise, It is an excellent companion to end the problem of stretch marks, since aloe vera has the peculiarity of being able to repair skin tissues, completely restoring collagen.

Precisely for all this, it is common for medicinal or cosmetic products aimed at the skin to have a large percentage of this substance in their composition.

What other uses does aloe vera have?

Besides for the skin, aloe vera can be used for many other things. In this sense, It is an excellent hair moisturizer. since its properties help the hair follicles to be rejuvenated, avoiding the appearance of problems such as alopecia. Usually, it is used as a hair mask, both for dry and oily hair.

Similarly, It is effective in relieving the discomfort caused by herpes., since it helps prevent infections and, above all, improves pain significantly. Aloe vera is also used to improve problems that may arise in the mouth, such as sores or gingivitis.

Among other uses that can be highlighted of aloe vera, it must be said that it is a plant that can be used in the kitchen, taken as an infusion or juice, is even part of some food supplements. aloe vera is effective to combat constipation, as well as to strengthen the immune system.

Although it is a 100% natural product, it is important to know, before trying it, that aloe vera is not recommended for children under 12 years of age, nor for pregnant women, nor for people with diabetes.

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