the brand’s iconic gaming mouse has been reinvented

Logitech G, Logitech’s gaming division, announced the renewal of its iconic G502 gaming mouse. We talk about Logitech G502Xwhich comes in no less than three variants: the G502X offers wired connectivity, the G502 LIGHTSPEED adds wireless connectivity, and the G502XPLUS add ARGB lighting.

Except for connectivity, lighting and price, they all share the same specifications and design, so the user can choose to pay for the most basic model, or increase your budget based on whether additional features are of interest to you. With this measure, everyone wins.

Let’s get to know the new Logitech G502 X in great detail

The three G502 X mice make use of a sensor Hero 25K with a resolution of up to 25,600 DPI with a sample rate of up to 400 IPS and ability to recognize movement up to 40G. This sensor is accompanied by some main buttons with switches LIGHTFORCEwhich employ a hybrid design between optical and mechanicalthus promising the speed of an optical sensor, with the click feel of a mechanical keyboard.

One of the first differences appears in the weight, and it is that although they all have the same dimensions of 131.4 x 79.2 x 41.1mm high, the most basic cable model has a weight of 89 grams. The wireless variant G502 X LIGHTSPEED increases its weight up to 99.7 or 101.5 grams (depending on whether it is black or white) by integrating a battery that promises up to 140 hours of autonomywhile the G502 X PLUS weighs 106 grams.

Both the cable model and the PLUS have a Lighting system RGB LEDs in 8 zones. They all have a total of 13 programmable buttonsstorage to hold up to 5 profiles, Teflon feet, and wireless models are charged via the USB-C port (or wireless charging, but accessory sold separately).

Other information, availability and price

Ending with the information of the Logitech G502Xall of them have a DPI adjustment button that can be withdrawn and place in reverse to better fit the grip. The wheel has a double modewhich involves having resistance and scrolling precisely, or touching a button to activate “hyperfast” mode and make it spin like a spinner.

Finally, the wireless models now have a wireless connection protocol that makes them 68% faster (compared to its predecessor) thinking of competitive titles.

“The Logitech G502 is an icon in gaming and we know the community has been looking for a next-gen offering,” said Ujesh Desai, vice president and general manager of Logitech Gaming. “We’ve recreated the iconic G502 with design and engineering updates that elevate the legendary mouse into a new era of gaming. Now lighter and with cutting-edge technology, the new G502 X promises to continue the G502 tradition of ultimate performance and control.” total.”

Let’s go to what matters, and that is that Logitech has revealed to us that its most basic mouse, the Logitech G502Xarrives at a price of 79 euros. The Logitech G502 X LIGHTSPEED sees its price increased to €139 for adding low-latency wireless connectivity, while the Logitech G502XPLUS comes with a surcharge of €159 in exchange for adding RGB LED lighting in 8 zones to the equation. The three mice can be found in stores starting today.

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