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On this occasion, we share a statement from Black Desert Mobile.

Dominate the battlefield in the company of your crew of loyal otters

Mexico City, August 30, 2022 – It’s time to set sail Black Desert Mobile! Class buccaneer is available starting today, adding swordsmanship skills and treasure-rich events to the game.

With the Buccaneer class, players can expect the following features worthy of a sea barge:

  • Dominate the battlefield with your crew of faithful otters as captain of the Scurrying Rascals.
  • Wields the unique and deadly Patrakha weapon, which can slash enemies at close range and simultaneously fire harpoons from afar.
  • Call in Scurry Rascals during combat to launch an attack with a massive anchor that neutralizes enemies and cannons that have the power of a true pirate attack.
  • Equip four active skills from the start, and gain more as you level up.
  • Unleash the true power of the Buccaneer class immediately, as the class awakens upon creation.

To celebrate the arrival of the Buccaneer, players can participate in two events starting today through September 19th:

  • Sneaky Rascals Daily Tasks: Complete daily quests to receive rewards like combat upgrades, CP boosts, and more.
  • Daily Help from the Sneaky Rascals: Get rewards like support chests and crafting material for the amount of time you spend online each day.

Meet the Buccaneer class with this preview on videoand see their fighting skills in action with this exhibition video.

To learn more about the new class, you can visit the official page of Black Desert Mobile here.

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