The car that is already waiting for Marcos Alonso in Barcelona

Few hours left until Marcos Alonso signs his contract as the new left side of the Barcelona Soccer Club. The Madrid player will land shortly in Barcelona to stamp his signature with the Barça team.

According to the Barcelona press, the Spanish defender was waiting that the team he presides over Joan Laporta managed to reconcile the wage mass with the sale of some players, before the end of the transfer market window. Alonso arrives as free agent and that’s why you can register one day after closing.

In this way, the lateral raised in the inferior categories of real Madrid, would make the leap to his historic rival. Anecdotally, it should be noted that he would follow in his father’s footstepswho already played for Barça between 1982 and 1987.

Marcos Alonso’s car

Beyond the cars you own in your garageonce the footballer become part of the discipline of the azulgrana team, you can choose any of the brand models cupra to attend team training. In 2019 the Spanish company became at the official supplier automotive and mobility of the club to the detriment of Audi.

Last year, the subsidiary brand of Seat He put three models on the table to become the official cars of the squad. These were the cupra formentorthe cupra leon and the Cupra Ateca. A sports SUV, a ‘hatchback’ and a family SUV.

The Cupra Formentor

The Formentorcalled CUV by Cupra (which combines the sportiness of a compact and the habitability and versatility of an SUV) it is the most used car by the Barcelona players. Last year, out of the entire first team squad, 95% opted for this model with gasoline mechanics 310 hp.

Although there was almost unanimity in the version, only a couple of players chose the Cupra Atecathe SUV that has all wheel drive Y 300 hp. In turn, the team’s goalkeeper, the German Ter Stegenwho is also an ambassador for the Spanish brand, opted for the plug-in hybrid version of the Formentorwhich delivers 245 hp.

The sportiest Formentor

Looking at the antecedents, the most normal thing is that the defender opted for the Formentor as official car. At present, to Mark Alonso you can see him at the controls of a Porsche Cayenne in black through the streets of London. It was also seen a long time ago at the controls of a Ferrariso it is clear that the sportiness in cars It is one of your preferences.

If the Spanish side needed more benefitsCupra has in its catalog the most enhanced and sporty Formentorthe VZ5. A car that has maximum power of 390 hp (287 kW)the most powerful model which is manufactured in Spain and of which only they are going to build 999 units.

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