The children of Britney Spears break their silence and speak out about their mother’s controversies

After years fighting in court to get rid of his father’s guardianship, It seemed that the nightmare of Britney Spears at last it had come to an end and her marriage to Sam Asghari had brought her long-awaited stability into her life.

However, some videos leaked by Kevin Federline, her ex and father of her children, They showed that the relationship between the young people and their mother was not as idyllic as she had always claimed.and although the clips have already been deleted, the singer has acknowledged that she had not been able to see much of Preston and Jayden in recent months, in fact, neither of them attended their link.


Although Preston and Jayden had previously preferred to remain silent, they have now given a shocking interview that will be broadcast on ITV. in which they confess what their relationship with their mother is like and talk about all the family controversies.

Jayden, the youngest of the brothers, seems to be the most outgoing and is the one who takes the lead in the conversation Without trying to avoid any questions, she reveals how complicated her childhood was due to the artist’s problems and gives her opinion about her grandparents, whom Britney has accused of abuse on several occasions.

The young man, 15 years old, He assures that the relationship with his mother is not bad, although he admits that “it will take time and effort to repair it”. “I believe one hundred percent that it can be fixed”and highlights that he trusts “one hundred percent that it can be fixed. I want her to feel better mentally. When it’s like that, I’d like to see her again.”Says Jayden that he also wanted to send a message directly to his mother: “I love you so much, I hope the best for you. Maybe one day we can sit down and talk again”.

Secondly, He also wanted to comment on the singer’s relationship with Sam Asghari and has clarified the reason why neither he nor his brother Preston were present: “I’m not saying I’m not happy for her. I’m glad, but she didn’t invite the whole family and if it was just going to be me and Preston then, I don’t see how it could have ended well.“.

Regarding the role of her grandparents in Britney’s life and her opinion of them and the guardianship that his grandfather exercised over his mother, Jayden believes that At first he was just trying to be like any father who would let his daughter pursue her dream of becoming a star. but perhaps the guardianship lasted too long. My mother was probably upset about this situation going on too long, and I personally think it was. She should have taken a breather and rested,” and he does not consider that his grandfather deserves the hate he receives from the media, since “I love him, with all my heart. I was just trying to be a father”believes that Spears is not aware of how much her father cared for her and does not agree with the image that the artist gives of her grandparents and uncles: “They are not bad. They know what we are going through. They want our future to be how we want it to be. They just want to take care of usyes.”

Finally, has also spoken about the activity of Britney in networks where he shares provocative images and harsh messages: “It’s like posting things to get attention. It’s been that way for years and it may never stop but I hope it does“, he assures.

Preston and Jayden currently live with their father. Kevin Federline, and his wife Victoria, in addition to the dancer’s oldest children, Kori, 20, and Kaleb, 18; and the ones he has with his current wife, Jordan, 11, and Peyton, eight, in the house they consider their “safe place” and their “home”.


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