The defense ministers of the European Union take the first step to create a military training mission

Defense Ministers of the EU They have agreed start studying the parameters and conditions in which the European training mission for the Ukrainian forces will be carried out in the future, as announced by the High Representative for Foreign Policy of the EU, Joseph Borrell.

The Twenty-Seven have agreed to start the “preparatory work” for the launch of the missionfor which the details will now have to be defined, Borrell explained at a press conference the end of the informal meeting of defense ministers, recalling that precisely because of its informal nature, firm decisions could not be made.

“It is clear that we have to be fast and ambitious”the high representative has underlined in terms of the times for there to be an agreement with Twenty-seven that allows this new military assistance mission to be launched, emphasizing that the process will be carried out in coordination with Ukraine.

Precisely, its Defense Minister, Oleksii Reznizov, has had the opportunity to explain to the ministers by videoconference the military training needs that require both short, medium and long term.

Although he has acknowledged that some of the ongoing military training initiatives by member states “are being done well,” Borrell has maintained that the future European mission would allow greater “coherence” and also a guarantee over time regarding said training.


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