The “eastern” treatment of motor illnesses in the western world

According to this, there are around 2000 acupuncture points in the human body, which are connected by pathways, that is, meridians. The vital energy qi, which is responsible for the health of the human body, flows along these pathways. If the flow of qi energy is obstructed, a person can become ill. The task of acupuncture is to restore the flow of qi energy. According to traditional Chinese medicine, health is not limited to the state only when a person is not sick. Health is an efficient network of well-being.

Not a comprehensive solution

Acupuncture is no longer just a medicine of the Eastern world. Today, even in Western medicine, it is one of the recognized, applied and scientifically proven treatments, and in some countries the treatment is reimbursed by health insurance companies. Extensive research proves its effectiveness, but it has its limitations and cannot be called a panacea.

In combination with other treatments

The essence of acupuncture treatment is to insert fine needles into specific points under the skin. The points at which the therapist inserts the needle are selected based on the symptoms, according to strict “rules.” Precise knowledge of the location of these points is also very important when using other treatments. For example, injection or laser therapy is more effective if administered at an acupuncture point. A good example is laser acupuncture, which can be used to achieve remarkable results in difficult and difficult-to-treat diagnoses such as frozen shoulder syndrome or facial nerve palsy. Electroacupuncture, ultrasound, magnetic acupuncture, acupressure or moxatherapy can be other effective combinations.

When you help…

The list of illnesses or symptoms for which acupuncture can be effective is almost endless. Patients often request this method when Western treatments do not provide relief, or when they do not want immediate medication or more invasive intervention. The most common diagnoses that acupuncture can help with are:

painful menstruation

• Stomach and digestive problems that are difficult to treat

• Neurological diseases

• Psychosomatic complaints

• Allergies or immune system complaints

• Low back pain and musculoskeletal discomfort

Chronic-degenerative diseases can be done without symptoms and help with difficult-to-treat conditions, such as Suddick’s syndrome or post-operative scarring, which prevents the joint from improving its range of motion.

knowledge and experience

Acupuncture itself is considered safe, but unfortunately it is often performed by poorly trained “therapists” and does no harm, but no good either. In this case, the patient loses hope and does not use acupuncture again, even if it were in the hands of a true specialist, he could have gotten rid of his ailment. It is important that acupuncture is performed by a certified specialist with sufficient experience and knowledge in treating the appropriate diagnoses.


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