The exciting toxic cloud of “Noise in the background” opens the Mostra

“Background noise” is everywhere. Ubiquitous and atomic, it is also in the absurd protocol of a film festival, in the consumerist desire of the movie buff who zaps between popular and elitist culture like someone who buys in a hypermarket. Five hours to book tickets online, security guards blocking your way due to undetermined circumstances, skyrocketing prices while diners smile as they pull out their credit cards. “Noise in the background”, the novel and, of course, the adaptation of Noah Baumbach in which they star Adam Driver Y Greta Gerwig, is the 79th edition of the Venetian Mostra. It was very timely, therefore, that it was inaugurated under the umbrella of Netflix, a post-capitalist platform that, this year, is competing with three more titles in the contest (among them, the long-awaited “Bardo”, by Gonzalez Inarrituand “Blonde” by Andrew Dominik). If the consumer society helps us overcome our fear of death, perhaps a film festival will too.


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