the expressive gesture of the singer who has gone viral

It seems that Anthony Orozco does not have ‘Shalalá’ by Chayo Mohedano. The artist revolutionized the festival Stone&Music at the Roman Theater of Mérida, stage where he went up for the first time this Sunday, August 28, premiering his concert with his songs ‘Hoy’ and ‘Mírate’. However, the strange presence of Rosa Benito’s daughter It is what has made us talk about him today.

Very happy to have managed to fill the entire Roman Theater thanks to his ‘Aviónica’ tour, Orozco shared with the public: “I am very excited, it is the first time in 23 years of career that I am in this place and we are going to give everything“, he said, showing that he had not yet experienced the strange altercation that we are about to narrate.

Once with his Stone&Music statuette in hand, Antonio Orozco posed in the photo call smiling at the press when, suddenly, the energy of a mother who gives for sack in the WhatsApp of her father sneaked into her posh event. Effectively, Chayo Mohedano jumped out of the crowd to be photographed with the singer.

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“Antonio, I don’t see you in Chipiona, I’ll see you here in Merida!”, Amador Mohedano’s daughter tells the interpreter while he looks at her with a stunned face. The paparazzi, almost feeling pressured by Pigeon Cuesta to record the faces of Anthony Orozcoimmortalized this uncomfortable moment for the artist, who I didn’t know where to go.


“I’m telling you, what a surprise! Right?”he responded with an asymptomatic emotion, to which Chayo responded with an effusive “You’ve seen?”while she hugs him, pretending to be the best friend hugging him and with a laugh of an awkward situation of the most embarrassing…

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