The farewell of the Sindulfos from ‘Boom’ on the networks: “You are wonderful”

After 174 programs, the ‘Sindulfos’ said goodbye to ‘Boom!’ in the program broadcast last Friday, August 26. The Aragonese could not with the ‘Calamardos’, who prevailed by the minimum at the last moment. As a reward for his brilliant career in the contest that Antena 3 broadcasts from Monday to Friday they take home a prize pool of 794,400 and the honor of having made history by placing third in longevitybehind the Wolves and the Scattered.

Its four members, Jesús, Miguel, Vicente and Raúlwho can now enjoy the contest from home, describe the experience as “brutal, magnificent and magical” and are shown very grateful for the treatment received by the team that is part of the program throughout all this time. This has been stated in recent days in the social networks.

you are wonderful. The entire Gestmusic team is amazing. The treatment we have received is an award as important or more than the economic amount”. Jesus writes on Twitter.

For his part, Miguel, who appears “I am extremely proud of my colleagues”has shared a photo of the first trip of the Sindulfos to record the program “with a suitcase full of dreams”.

His reflections accumulate numerous comments from followers of the program congratulating the people of Zaragoza for their excellent level as contestants, as well as for the good times they have had. “One of the best ‘Boom’ teams and surely the funniestwhat I have laughed these months with the stories that you explained”, replies a user. “As a spectator, thanks to you for all the entertaining afternoons that you have made us spend”, comments another.

They add to the praise of their peers –the ‘Sindulfos’ work as Culture officials of the Zaragoza City Council from the official Twitter account of Museums (@zmuseos).

The program also wanted to pay tribute to the Aragonese with an emotional videowhich can be seen in full on the Antena 3 website, on the day they were eliminated.


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