The first words of Canales Rivera after his discharge from hospital

The bullfighter wanted to send a message of calm to his followers after the terrible fight that caused him to undergo emergency surgery

The last friday Rivera Channels suffered a serious fuck in a town in Ciudad Real. The bullfighter was immediately transferred to the hospital after being intervened in the bullring due to the state in which he was and since then, There have been many people who have been concerned about the bullfighter. 48 hours later he has been discharged from the hospital and has told us how he has experienced the whole situation.

In these images we can see how the right-hander leaves the hospital in a wheelchair, but with a very good physical appearance: “Well, very well, thank god everything is already organized, sore, but well, the scare has been terriblebut these things when one dresses as a bullfighter, they happen”.

The television collaborator remembers that at the moment of the fuck he did not think about anything, he simply concentrated on what was important: “Well, you don’t think. When I saw myself face down I thought ‘let’s start again’, but things don’t come to your mind and how do you get into that concentration, well what you try is to solve it as best as possiblebut you do what you can.”

As for whether he has received the call from his cousins ​​Francisco and Cayetano Rivera, he assures that one of them has: “I am going to tell you one thing, I have received calls and messages from everyone, I have not even opened the phone because yesterday I had a tremendous headache. Isabel has spoken with Kiko and Caye, as well as with many co-workers. I’m glad you’re watching”


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