The food that reduces blood sugar levels by 50% in minutes

If there is something that especially worries diabetics, it is sugar increases. This disease raises the levels of is in the blood above normal and can put the health of the sufferer at real risk. It makes it difficult to control blood pressure and cholesterol, increases the risk of heart attack and dementia, and even damages most vital organs, which is why patients undergo glycemic controls relatively regularly, depending on how advanced the level of diabetes is. While is true that usually these rises in sugar are controlled with insulina group of scientists has now discovered a vegetable that would be able to replace or complement this medication, substantially improving the quality of life of those who suffer from it. We tell you what it is.

A group of scientists has presented at the annual meeting of the Endocrine Society of San Diego, in the United States, a study that states that onion bulb extract can greatly enhance the results of metformin, a fairly common anti-diabetic drug, while lowering elevated blood sugar and cholesterol levels. In the experiment, the scientists gave metformin and various doses of onion extract to both diabetic and non-diabetic rats and the former markedly lowered their cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Why shouldn’t onions be stored in the fridge? we tell you

What was especially surprising to the researchers, however, is that the onion extract caused a weight gain in non-diabetic animals, something that did not happen with those that were. “Despite being a food that does not have many calories, it seems to increase the metabolic rate and thereby increase appetite, leading to increased eating,” explains Anthony Ojieh, lead author of the study.

Although the results are very encouraging, it is not yet clear if it can be used as a total substitute for medication or as a complement to it. as well as it is necessary to investigate if this substrate can be consumed in the form of pills or has to be natural. Nevertheless, scientists assure that it has the potential to be used in the treatment of patients with diabetesalthough we still “have to investigate the mechanism by which the onion caused the reduction in blood glucose since we don’t have an explanation,” concludes Ojieh.


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