The future of Princess Leonor: military training and law like her father

  • The future queen, who has just started her last course in Wales, plans to study the same career as Felipe VI

  • Before that, she will be trained in three Army academies, becoming an Elcano sailor

  • Leonor follows in the footsteps of her father and her fellow student at UWC Atlantic College, Elisabeth from Belgium, who spent a year in the army

There is no great surprise when it comes to the formation of the heiress to the Spanish throne, who He follows in the footsteps of his father, King Felipe VI. Eleanor studied at the Santa Maria de los Rosales school, the same of the king and his aunts, the infantas Cristina and Elena. Later, she decided to continue her studies abroad, like his fatherbut unlike him, who did it in boarding school Lakefield (Canada)Leonor opted for the prestigious Welsh center where Princess Elisabeth of Belgium is also trained.

Next fall he will begin his military training

The school year ends on May 20, 2023, when the princess will end her Welsh adventure. In Autumn 2023when he meets the 18 years, it is confirmed that the next step for Princess Leonor will be to follow a military training, something common now among future queens, heads of state and general ‘captains’ of all armies, as is the case of Swedish victory and Leonor’s schoolmate, Elisabeth from Belgium, who spent a year in the army and now studies History and Politics at the University of Oxford, at Lincoln College.

Princess Elisabeth of Belgium, doing maneuvers at the military academyniusdiario.es

Leonor will do her military training in the academies of the Air Force, in San Javier (Murcia), the Army, in Zaragoza and the Navy in Marín (Pontevedra), where it will become a sailor, the midshipman Borbón, from the training ship Elcano.

He wants to study Law, like his father

Afterwards, the future queen will begin her university education, and his plan is to study law, becoming the first Spanish Queen to go through the university. Leonor will study the same career of Felipe VI, although it is unknown if he will do it in the same center as him, the Autonomous University of Madrid.

Felipe VI will visit Sarria to recognize the work of the Civil Guard in the Holy Year

Felipe VI will visit Sarria to recognize the work of the Civil Guard in the Holy YearEurope Press

Leonor will reinforce her training with a Master, which in the case of his father was in International Relations at the Edmund Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. In the case of the infantas Elena and Cristina, they opted for Child Education, while Cristina did Economics.

When will Leonor return to Spain?

Leonor’s next appointment in Spain would be on October 12, Hispanic Daybut there are doubts that his absence from last year is repeated, for not being a public holiday in Wales. When he will return to our country in complete safety is the October 28, for the Prince of Asturias Awards, celebrating here with his family his 17th birthday (October 31) Y returning on November 6, according to Vanitatis.

Princess Leonor, at the Girona awards

Princess Leonor, at the Girona awardsTony Albir

will be back at Christmasto spend a month in Spain coinciding with his vacation at the UWC Atlantic College (from December 9 to January 5). His next stop in our country, before bidding farewell to Wales, will probably be in Easter, when he will be preparing his final exams for May.


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