The “Indian of the hole” dies, the indigenous man who had been isolated for 26 years in the Brazilian jungle

An indigenous man who lived for more than 26 years in voluntary isolation in the Amazon jungle of Brazil, known as the “Indian of the hole”, apparently died of natural causes, official sources reported this Saturday.

The “Indian of the hole” or “Indian Tanaru”, the last survivor of his community, of an unknown ethnic group, was found dead in his hammock, inside his hut, on August 23, according to the National Indian Foundation ( Funai) in a statement.

This indigenous was located 26 years ago in the Tanaru indigenous land, located in the state of Rondonia, near the border with Bolivia, and since then it has been monitored and protected by Funai.

The institution reported that no traces were found that indicate the presence of other people near the hutjust as there were no signs of violence or struggle, since the utensils used by the man were found in their usual place.


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