The ‘Indio del Hoyo’, the last isolated indigenous person in Brazil, dies

the last indigenous voluntarily isolated from the Amazon rainforest in Brazilknown as the ‘Indio del Hoyo’, has died this week, according to official sources.

The coordinator of the Guaporé Ethno-environmental Protection Front of the National Foundation for the Indian (Funai), Altair José Algayer, found the ‘Indio del Hoyo’ dead on Tuesday (August 23).

Algayer he was guarding the territory when he found the lifeless body, as the Real Amazon agency has learned. The official statement rules out indications of violence in the death of the indigenous.

“There were no traces of the presence of people at the site, nor were any marks seen in the forest along the road. There were also no signs of violence or fighting. The belongings, utensils and objects of habitual use of the indigenous people remained in their respective places. Inside the cabin there were two fires near his hammock,” reads the letter.

The Federal Police has carried out an examination of the indigenous body with the support of forensic doctors and criminal experts, who They seek to confirm that death occurred due to natural causes.

The Funai monitored and protected the ‘Indio del Hoyo’, for 26 years, when it was located in the indigenous land of Tanaru, near the border with Bolivia. The Tanaru Indigenous Land, which is 8,070 hectares, has been classified as restricted use since 1998.


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