The iPhone 14 are very good, but the Apple Watch Pro promises to surprise us all according to the latest rumors

This year we expect very important changes in the Apple Watch family. In addition to the presentation of Apple Watch Series 8 and of the new ones Apple Watch SE Rumors tell us about an Apple Watch Pro. An Apple Watch that, apart from its final specifications, paves the way for differentiation between the entry models and the Pro range.

An Apple Watch ready to distinguish itself from entry models

The Apple Watch Pro brings together several of the rumors that we have heard lately and also some from last year. For example, it is expected to be compatible with satellite communication. This is what Mark Gurman tells us in your latest newsletterwhere it states that “The company has also internally discussed the idea of ​​giving its watches satellite capabilities, which could make sense for the new, more rugged Apple Watch Pro.”

A very, very interesting change that would allow any Apple Watch in the world, wherever it is, to contact the emergency services. Something that, linked to the capabilities of detecting falls and other mishaps of the watch, opens the door to become a bigger lifesaver than it already represents today.

In addition to internal changes, we expect a new size for this Apple Watch Pro. A size that would go from 45 mm of the Apple Watch Series 7 to 47 millimeters. A substantial change that we know Thanks to MacOtakara and that it would be accompanied by a new screen design. A screen that would leave behind the rounded edges and introduce a flat design that could improve the durability of the watch.

In addition to longer battery life, the Apple Watch Pro would have a new low consumption mode, an S8 chip and would be made of titanium. All the most interesting specifications for an Apple Watch that clearly wants to differentiate itself from the Apple Watch that we have seen to date and that, as far as we know, is on its way to achieving it by far.

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