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With just a week to go before the new apple phones are official, something that will happen on September 7, information has been published indicating that one of the data regarding the iPhone 14 Pro may not be fully confirmed. We refer to the hole in the screen, and the truth is that if what is indicated is true, the Cupertino company would have had an excellent idea.

For some time it has been commented that the Pro variant of these new smartphones would have two cutouts at the top of the screen: one for the camera, in the form of a hole, and another that resembles a pill in which the sensors would be integrated. And this is not a bad decision. But the firm wanted make use of “dead” space that is between the two elements. A very positive decision that shows that Apple always reviews the smallest detail in its products.

The idea that Apple has had for the iPhone 14 Pro

As indicated in the source of the information, when the screen of the new terminals that have the two elements is on, the central area that is not part of them will be darkened to show a single elongated space black. This, apart from giving it a uniformity that more than one is sure to appreciate, and despite the smallness of the aforementioned unused central space, the company led by Tim Cook has found how to take advantage of it.


And this is none other than to include two small green and orange LEDs which, until now, was in the iOS status bar. These show if you are using both the microphone like camera of the terminal, so it will be of great help when a videoconference is held to be very clear if you have something that can be heard or seen by the interlocutor (it is even useful when recording something for YouTube). And, in addition, both elements will be able to light up at the same time, something that until now was not possible, as can be seen in the image that opens the article and that arrives from 9to5Mac.

Apple could go a step further

We say this because there is one information which indicates that the uniform black space that will be in the upper area of ​​the iPhone 14 Pro, in all its variants, could be make bigger depending on the needs of the user. It could display more help content, for example, notification or usage icons. The truth is that if this is confirmed it would be quite a hit.

We will have to wait for the next week when the new iPhone 14 range will be announced together with the new generation of Apple smart watches, where there will be a pro model that will be very resistant and that promises to be a differential in the market.


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