The iPhone SE 4 will be the new iPhone XR: its possible features are filtered

We are a few days away from Apple officially presenting the iPhone 14, the latest generation of its family of smartphones that has caused much expectation (the csatellite connectivity can be one of its great functions flag).

However, this is not the only smartphone that those from Cupertino are working on. The iPhone SE 4 or fourth generation is in development with a view to being released in a couple of years.

Apple confirms its event for September 7: From the iPhone 14 and everything we hope to see

The launch of the new generation of the firm’s affordable smartphone is almost confirmed, although the manufacturer has not revealed specific details about this bet,

However, lakers like Jon Prosser have not hesitated to put on the table some predictions about what the iPhone SE 4 could be, which, according to the aforementioned leaker, could be the new iPhone XR.

on his podcast geared-upProsser has said that the new version of the iPhone SE would have a very similar design to the iPhone XR, thus abandoning the aesthetics of the series.

In this way, it is expected that the next low cost iPhone will leave behind the 4.7-inch screen to adopt a 6.1-inch one. It would also remove the “Home” button to adopt Face ID and notch.

iPhone SE 4 when will it arrive?

The larger dimensions of the iPhone SE 4 would be accompanied by new features such as IP67-certified water resistance, a rear camera of at least 12 megapixels and an A15 chip, the same one that we now see in the iPhone 13, according to Posser.

Although the laker did not venture to give a possible launch date, the story presumes that it could be during April 2024 when the new generation of the iPhone SE is presented.

And it is that we remember that the second generation iPhone SE was launched in April 2020, while its successor was announced just two years later, in April 2022.

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