The Last of Us Part I presents the huge differences between the 2013 game and the remake

  • From Naughty Dog they explain the reasons why The Last of Us Part I is much more than an improved version of the original

It takes a couple of days to arrive The Last of Us Part I and, beyond the obvious graphical differences of this remake with the original 2013 game, since Sony and NaughtyDog They want to make it clear that the changes go far beyond a graphical improvement. In a new video and new content on the Official PlayStation Blog, it is specified the big differences between The Last of Us with The Last of Us Part I, the remake that will go on sale next September 2. In this post, in addition, the growth of Naughty Dog in the last 10 years is developed. This decade of achievement and technological growth has been channeled through the power of PlayStation 5 to redesign the classic from the ground up.

The question about what differentiates The Last of Us Part I from the title released in 2013, or from The Last of Us Remastered, has been a common one among fans of the game. In this content, Shaun Escayg, Game Creative Directorexposes the point of view of the study: “In my opinion, what makes this a remake and not an improved version is the sum of their progress. It’s not just about the same characters, settings, art direction etc. on higher hardware. We’ve completely redesigned everything from the art direction, the lighting, the technology [de iluminación] Even the character designs. We’ve taken everything we’ve learned in the last decade since we released the original and used that new technology to create something that stays true to the original but redesigned it to fit today,” he explains.

We have made a more realistic world. All of our environments and spaces come to life,” explains Escayg. “Light filters through the trees, verdigris swirls as you walk through flooded streets, bugs scramble through the bushes, and cars sway under your weight as you fall. about them. All this combined brings the world to life and draws the player into a sense of immersion, and also makes combat bloodier. When you take cover behind an abandoned vehicle and see the car bend and creak, the glass shatter and the chassis shudder when shot, it intensifies the experience.”

The Last of Us Part Inaughty dog

Also, combat and sound have also seen improvements. The original work made sure that no two battles and no two games were the same, The Last of Us Part I expands this to a higher level thanks to the PlayStation 5 hardware. This is ensured by JOhn Bellomy, the main programmer: “Arguably, a lot of the changes in the combat system have been achieved by taking elements that we had to combine [en el original]. There are sequences in the original game that have been established previously and that work in a very specific way. In The Last of Us Part I we took those fights and applied the AI ​​engine and a number of tools to make them more realistic,” he says.

Another limitation that they have overcome thanks to the new hardware is the number of active enemy AI present in a given situation. Christian Wohlwend, Melee/Combat Designerexplains that one of the most important limitations of the original version for PS3 was that sonly eight NPCs could spawn at once. To overcome this at the time, Naughty Dog had to intermittently draw attention to and draw attention away from these NPCs. However, this limit is no longer a concern, since the PS5 allows up to 128 active NPCsthough in the remake you won’t have to fight as many infected or scavengers at once.

the remake The Last of Us Part I You will take advantage of the unique features of PlayStation 5, such as haptic triggers, haptic vibration or 3D audio. In addition, you have two graphic options: the resolution mode, which works at native 4K and 30 FPS, or the performance mode, with dynamic 4K and 60 FPS. The Last of Us Part I arrives on PS5 on September 2 and is already available for reservations.


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