The last sketch of the Skoda Vision 7S before its presentation

There are hours left before we see the definitive image of the Skoda Vision 7S, the new electric SUV of the Czech brand which is presented as a concept and which will also serve to show the new design language proposed by Skoda for its future models.

To warm up engines and whet your appetite, the firm shows the latest sketch, the one that represents the exterior of the car. in him we see how the style changes, with a very striking new front design. In that front, the Skoda grill is much wider and flatter; It is closed, as corresponds to an electric model and is finished in black.

Headlights change your style. They have been repositioned to the edge of the vehicle and are now arranged in two rows, one above the other, and the defined daylight stripe above them extends laterally to the fins They have a very pronounced design. In addition, the group of lights is extended to form a “T”.

The bonnet is reminiscent of the typical Skoda line and stands out for the marked contours it offers. And at the front, the bumper is also striking, which has been completely redesigned. East It has seven air inlets arranged vertically, and the central one has an insert in a striking orange color.

Adventurous style for the Skoda Vision 7S

In addition to reinforcing the adventurous and off-road style, the lower area of ​​the fender is equipped with an aluminum protector to prevent collisions. It has large, aerodynamically optimized wheels that reinforce the powerful image of the Skoda Vision 7S. The side view is defined by light surfaces and a gently sloping roofline to give it a certain SUV coupé feel, one of the biggest trends right now in the SUV segment.

Skoda Vision 7S

Skoda’s new design language, which begins with this Vision 7S, reflects the values ​​that have made the brand what it is today: robustness, functionality and authenticity. And although we cannot see it, the style is going to move to the insidethat it will shine for breadth, for its durable and sustainable materials. And by the combination of technology, analog and digital for its instrumentation, as we saw in another of the sketches revealed by the brand.

In a few hours we will know, in all its splendor, the new electric SUV from Skoda. But for now, with this we are getting an idea.

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