The man who managed to flee after the largest cocaine cache in the history of Huelva was seized

The ‘drug boss’ who had been on the run for more than a year and a half after an anti-drug operation carried out in Huelva has been arrested. A request from the Spanish authorities has allowed the arrest of this person when trying to travel to Ukraine to acquire a sailboat to carry out a new drug transport. The arrested person, located in Poland, was wanted for admission to prison for introducing more than 1,600 kilos of cocaine seized in Huelva in January 2021.

This is an individual historically linked to the organization of Carlos Silla Otero, the Galician arrested in 2021 with more than 5,500 kilos of cocaine, the largest stash of this drug seized on a sailboatas reported by the National Police.

The operation of the National Police together with those of Sweden, the French Ofast and the Dutch Police coordinated by Europol started from the investigation of a criminal organization directed by a Colombian drug trafficker who, presumably, had more than a decade carrying out imports of narcotic substance from Colombia to Spain with a wide network of contacts in Spain.

The group had established itself in Spain, France and Colombia. Thanks to his experience in the world of drug trafficking, this man had managed to build a criminal network for the introduction into Europe, through Spain, of huge quantities of cocaine that his clients demanded of him.

The now arrested in Poland is related to the 1,623 kilos of cocaine located in a “cove” of a garage located in the heart of the Huelva capital. At that time the two people in charge of custody were arrested, but the skipper of the boat -now arrested- managed to flee. For these facts, a Central Court of Instruction issued a European Arrest Warrant.

According to the Police, the operation caused a serious loss to the Colombian drug trafficker, who began to intensify various meetings to plan new drug transports. The agents found that he had contacts with Swedish criminals -among them with the one known as “Swedish Pablo Escobar” and arrested last June-, as well as with various men of his confidence responsible for contacting clients and carriers.

The Polish authorities, in the framework of the investigation in which the National Police has participated, arrested the ‘drug boss’ when trying to move from Poland to Ukraine with the intention of acquiring a new sailboat and using it in a drug trafficking operation.


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