The Mayo Clinic explains the 6 health benefits of strength training

exercise It is something crucial to keep our body in good condition and delay for as long as possible the appearance of diseases. Although it is true that we must not forget that food is another extremely relevant pillar to take into account.

However, many times when we consider training, we focus on aerobic exercises, as can be the case of walking or walking and we leave aside other training focused on strength. This is, moreover, something that becomes especially evident when we begin to make us older.

But, Did you know that strength training is also essential in adulthood? The Mayo Clinic, one of the largest entities dedicated to health, has spoken about it and has spoken of the benefits of this type of exercise to health. If you want to know what they are, continue reading because we will tell you below.

6 benefits of strength training in adulthood

The Mayo Clinic It is one of the most recognized entities when we talk about health and research and that is why it is important to follow the advice they give us. In this case, the clinic has ruled on the matter of the importance of strength trainingjust like I did Harvard previously regarding the basic exercises to keep us in shape throughout life.

The main argument they put forward in this regard is that this type of exercise helps us to maintain and improve muscle mass that we are losing as a consequence of the passing of the years. Avoiding, on the other hand, an increase in fat that could lead to other problems such as obesity.

But, so that you know in detail the health benefits of strength trainingwe will tell you below.

1. Helps control body weight

Many times when we want to lose weight or fat, we usually resort to very intense aerobic exercises because we think that they are the only way to achieve it, but this is not the case. In fact, strength training tends to increase our metabolism, so it allows us to burn a greater number of calories per routine.

What happens is that, by increasing muscle mass, this requires more energy expenditure, so it is easier for us to burn those fats that we have accumulated in the body. In this way, we can control our weight much better and flee from those diseases that can endanger our health such as obesity.

2. It allows us to strengthen our bones

When we get older, problems with our bones begin to appear, which become more fragile. In this case, we must know that strength training achieves increase bone density of them making them stronger.

Therefore, when this type of exercise is carried out, the risk of suffering from certain diseases such as osteoporosis. In addition to avoiding possible problems such as bone breaks when we have some type of fall.

3. We better manage chronic diseases

One of the main problems of chronic diseases is that they make us experience severe pain that can end up affecting our mood. In fact, one of the main consequences of this type of disease is usually that the self-esteem of the person is diminished feeling unable to control the pain you have on an ongoing basis.

However, strength training helps to manage and reduce these pains so that we can have a better life quality and a more positive mood. And not only that, but it also helps us avoid or delay the onset of other diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, etc.

4. Control blood sugar levels

When we exercise the skeletal muscles we get increase insulin sensitivity and we reduce blood sugar levels because glucose that we must send to muscle cells for them to function properly is eliminated.

Therefore, if we want prevent the onset of certain diseases such as diabetes, the best thing we can do is include exercise regularly in our lives. Or even when we already suffer from this disease, it will allow us to have more control over it by having a better balance of sugar in our blood.

5. Improves cognitive performance

As you well know, the brain is a muscle that requires its own training to be in good condition, but it also takes advantage of the physical exercise we do to improve its functions.

In fact, various investigations have shown that combine this exercise with aerobic, improves certain skills such as thinking and learning in older adults. This happens because it helps us to delay the cognitive deterioration that appears with age, but also because it contributes to our having a much more positive mood when facing life.

Furthermore, it goes without saying that it will also help us delay the onset of certain dementias or cognitive impairments, such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.

6. Improves quality of life

Finally, the Mayo Clinic points out that strength training helps us to improve our quality of life generally. Why? Because it helps us to be better both physically and mentally.

Furthermore, when we reach adulthood, protects us more from injuries that usually occur in the joints and makes the muscle develop enough to prevent possible falls. But we also provides freedom and autonomy that in many cases we lose as a consequence of not being able to carry out the tasks by ourselves.

In short, this type of exercise is crucial if we want to improve our physical and mental health, especially when we are reaching an advanced age. That is why we recommend that you include it from now on in your day to day life, but always accompanied by a balanced diet that provides you with all the necessary nutrients and allows you to maintain the health of your body in optimal conditions.

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