The Mercedes T-Class becomes a camper

Given the rise of camper market and of the caravansmany manufacturers offer standard camper models. Mercedes joins the trend with its access van, a T-Class that receives the treatment Marco Polo so usual in his older brothers.

Of course, unlike in these, in the T-class transformation is not permanent, but is composed of removable modules. These give it a lot of versatility, since it can be used as a conventional model on a day-to-day basis and then installed for weekend getaways.

The German brand claims that the process can be carried out for only two people and in a matter of minutes.

The vehicle takes advantage of its compact dimensions (4.5 meters in length), as it offers room for two adults to sleep and a kitchen with which to cover basic culinary needs.

A bed in the trunk

The first module is that of the bed, which when folded is hidden in the trunk, but when unfolded it forms a bed on the backs of the seats. It has a bed base on which sits a viscoelastic mattress 10 centimeters thickwhat does it measure two meters long and 1.15 wide.

When the bed is stored, it has a table that is installed behind the seats to form a small living room. In addition, it is removable and can be placed outside next to two folding chairs.

The second module is located in the trunk (under the bed) and has everything necessary to form a Small kitchen grouped in three drawers. One of them has a sink connected to a 12 liter water tank, another has a gas stove with a single stove and the third is a fridge with 15 liter capacity. In addition, in the lower part they have drawers in which to put the crockery, glasses and cutlery.

Prices of the Mercedes T-Class

The Mercedes T-Class too It has other interesting accessories, such as darkened rear windows, side pockets to store objects or a ventilation grill equipped with a mosquito net.

At the moment, the prices of the Marco Polo T-Class for Spain, nor the date of arrival on the market. It will not take long to wait, since Mercedes has announced that in the second half of 2023 it will launch a version of the model with all the additions already integrated.

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