The monkeypox vaccine for people at risk starts in Alicante

The monkeypox vaccinewhich so far has focused solely on the confirmed cases and their contactshas been extended from this Monday to all those at risk of contracting the disease.

The inoculation has started in the Public Health building in the Plaza de España in Alicante, specifically in the CIP, the AIDS prevention center for the entire province, where all those who are more likely to be infected.

From the latest data update collected by Health, a dozen more positives have been confirmed in the Community. The total number of registered cases therefore amounts to 430, of which the province adds 161, two more than a week ago; another 227 are counted in Valencia and 12 in Castellón.


The new appointments, recommended by the National Public Health Commission, amount to 730 in the Community and are limited to patients at risk, with the purpose of reducing these increased chances of virus infection.

Men up to 60 years of age receiving pre-exposure treatment are being cited against HIV; also to those with HIV infection who are followed up in a hospital consultation and meet the age criteria, up to 60 years; as well as the protagonists of risk practicessuch as with multiple partners, who use recreational drugs, or participate in chemsex, for example.

People with a high number of couple swapping, between ten or more in the last twelve months or three couples in the last three months, are also being cited now; as well as those who go to specific places to practice group sex, such as saunas, and who have had a sexually transmitted infection in the last month without having previously received the vaccine.

Until now, between the infected patients and their contacts, little more than a hundred of dose of this vaccine against monkeypox throughout the Community.

Health reports that also close contacts will continue to be vaccinated from confirmed cases with high risk of severe disease, to people with immunosuppression, including HIV infection, to pregnant women and children; together with health personnel who have treated patients or taken samples when they have done so without the appropriate PPE or protective equipment, or because it has failed.

The epidemiological surveys They give the guideline to professionals to continue with this vaccination process from which those born up to the 70s or 80s are excluded from the outset, because they already received the smallpox vaccine at the time, effective against this other virus, as the expert epidemiologists assure .


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