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One of the most famous mice in the sector is the Logitech G502, a high-quality model that is one of the firm’s icons. Now, the manufacturer has just announced its new gaming mouse Logitech G502Xwhich comes in three different versions.

A few hours ago we told you about the console in which the Swiss firm is working, and now they have just surprised us with their new Logitech G502 X, G502 X LIGHTSPEED, and G502 X PLUS micethree new versions of the most popular gaming mouse in the world, and that comes with a series of innovations with which to offer the best user experience.

A gaming mouse for the most demanding users

Carrying on the legacy of the G502, this new Logitech gaming mouse boasts unrivaled performance, plus a redesign to upgrade to the most advanced gaming technologies, like its new LIGHTFORCE optical-mechanical hybrid switches. To say that all versions have these new switches to offer more speed and reliability, along with precise actuation for the most demanding players.

Say all versions have these new switches to offer more speed and reliability, along with precise actuation for the most demanding gamers. And these LIGHTFORCE switches stand out for using electroplated parts that work like a mechanical switch for the best feel. In addition, LIGHTFORCE hybrid switches feature reliable, ultra-low latency optical actuation combined with the best attributes of crisp, tactile mechanical clicks for

“The G502 is an icon in the gaming world and we know the community has been looking for a next-gen offering.” – says Ujesh Desai, vice president and general manager of Logitech Gaming – “We’ve recreated the iconic G502 with design and engineering updates that elevate the legendary mouse into a new era of gaming. With lighter materials and cutting-edge technology, the new G502 X promises to continue the G502 tradition of ultimate performance and total control.”

Also, this gaming mouse features a revamped DPI toggle button to be more comfortable, in addition to a redesigned scroll wheel to weigh less, but maintaining that infinite scroll that made the G502 the best-selling gaming mouse.

The Logitech G502 X also features the HERO 25K high-precision gaming sensorwhich offers 1-1 ratio accuracy at the sub-micron level and with Zero smoothing, acceleration and filtering technologies.

Finally, Logitech G502 X response times are 68% higher than the previous generation, in addition to being able to connect several LIGHTSPEED models simultaneously. In addition, the G502 X PLUS model comes with LIGHTSYNC RGB to enjoy a system of 8 customizable LED lights.

Available in black and white colors, the Logitech G502 X will cost 79 euros, the Logitech G502 X LIGHTSPEED 139 euros and the PLUS version 159 euros, and they are already in the manufacturer’s store or in official distributors.


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