The new Apple Watch Series 8 Pro could force you to renew your old straps | Technology

All those bands from your previous Apple Watch that you have been collecting are probably not going to be used on this new model.

We are a few days before Apple celebrates a very important event where it will not only announce the new models of the iPhone 14 Y iOS 16 but also its Apple Watch Series 8, its new smart watch that would debut a pro version for the first time that you will surely want to have.

The pro version of the Apple Watch Series 8 is likely to go for a flat edge design to make it more durable and shock resistant, and with a larger screen compared to regular models.

And it is that the latest information they had already insured that this new model of the Apple smartwatch would arrive with a flatter screen and sides and would only be marketed in a single size unlike the standard variants.

They say that the size of this watch will be 47 mm in the dial but that it will be associated with the general form factor and not with the screen, with a screen that would reach 1.99 inches.

But it’s not all looking good because if you’re a long-time Apple Watch user and you’ve been collecting nice bands for all these years, it is likely that none of them can be used with the pro model that will be released in a few weeks.

And it is that now the Chinese leaker Uncle Pan has pointed out that this new strap system of the Apple Watch Pro could make the old ones not fit correctly and that they can not be finally used.

However, the journalist specialized in Apple, Mark Gurmannreassures pointing out that although Apple is going to change the rectangular shape of its watches, the theme of the old straps would still be compatible although “I think they may not fit so well in the new model”.

Be that as it may, on September 7 Apple will present its new line of smart watches, presumably also this pro version, and we will clear up any doubts.

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