The new Halo Infinite roadmap is accompanied by the delay of game modes, cancellations and more bad news

The contents that I was going to receive halo-infinite after its launch they have not stopped suffering delays, especially the cooperative campaign and the Forge mode. These game modes were supposed to they were going to be ready by the end of August and in Septemberrespectively, but 343 Industries has once again delayed its premiere until later.

The new roadmap published by the company has dropped these details along with a good load of bad news for those who are enjoying the latest installment in the saga. To get started, Season 3 will not be ready for November 8, as was also originally planned, so will start on March 7, 2023 and will last until June 27 of next year.

With Season 2 scheduled to end on November 7, what will happen then in that timeframe? Well, on November 8 the so-called winter update which will be the one that will welcome the next news of the game, so during these two months no new content will be added.

This means that Forge mode, co-op campaign, and the ability to replay main story missions will arrive sometime between November 8 and March 7, 2023. To top it off, 343 Industries has confirmed that split screen co-op multiplayer has been canceled for the team to focus on working on the rest of the game modes.

Halo Infinite Roadmap

At least the winter update will bring a new 30-tier battle pass and introduce two new maps: Detachment and Argyle. For its part, the future Season 3 will add two more maps, new weapons, pieces of equipment and a 100-tier battle pass. That is if there are no more delays or last minute changes.

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