The OCU clarifies what we have saved on the electricity bill thanks to the “Iberian exception”

The bill rose 14% in August compared to July, so it stood at an average price of 130.99 euros. Despite this, the OCU has stressed in a statement that “this increase would be greater if the Iberian exception was not in force”, without which “the average bill would have reached 151.55 euros, becoming the largest bill in history” .

According to the data collected by the OCU, a consumer has spent a total of 914.43 euros so far this year on their electricity bill, compared to 547.97 euros in 2021.

The OCU spokesman, Enrique García, has spoken about these data in the program of the Sixth Better latewhere he highlighted that, had the gas price cap not existed, the August electricity bill “would have been the most expensive in history”.

“The Iberian exception serves to avoid large bills, but it does not substantially lower the price of electricity, which is what is needed,” he stressed.

In addition, he has pointed out that some offers from free market traders “are not transparent.” “They are not exactly passing on the compensation of the gas cap or its main benefit, which is to reduce the cost of electricity”, he has assured.


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