The presentation of the iPhone 14 and its answers

We are living the final stretch towards the presentation of the iPhone 14, one of the most anticipated models in recent years, due to the comings and goings they have had – among other things – the rumors about their design and the expectations regarding their cameras. In fact, during this last month of August (and as usual), we have seen how many of the innovations that we will see in the new products in the coming days accelerate.

Undoubtedly the star of the presentation will be the iPhone 14but that hasn’t stopped rumors of a new HomePod. and not a home pod mini – which too – but a “big” HomePod as such, which has to answer many questions about the direction it is going to take: will it be a complement to Apple TV? Or an accessory for other rooms in the house, as Javier Lacort thinks?

Not even the end of the summer have they waited for the new rumors of the AppleGlassesif they can be called that: the warm last month it was detected a record of the names that the new Apple device could take – and they all reference “Reality”. Are there really that many uses for a augmented reality device how do we think? Will the virtual reality helmet, which has been talked about for years, come out first?

The doubts we want to solve in the keynote

Mockup of what could be the iPhone 14: the latest rumors suggest that the notches will be joined with a black background by the operating system to give it the shape of a “pill”

I also comment with Javier, in this first podcast of the new season, something that doesn’t quite add up: if a new Apple WatchPro Will it have enough changes to compete with the big sports watches? Because that means that not only do we have to improve the design, but also make changes to the operating system to make the most of the data from the sensors.

The iPhone 14 does not stop bringing us surprises even before its presentation, which we already know their new colors. Be careful with this because what we know right now about the new Apple phone are only physical details that the software can round out with details that we did not expect. What the shape of the iPhone 14 notch in the form of a pillwhen we all thought it would be a dot and a line.

The AirPods Pro 2 also appear in the conversation, with the possible changes in improved sound cancellation and the incorporation of music without loss in wireless format. The climax? The last preparations for the trip to Cupertino to live the keynote again in person at the Steve Jobs Theater – which we haven’t done since before the pandemic.

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Pictures | Photos of Victor Carvalho Y Carles Rabada

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