The president of the TC premieres his play “Jubilee”, a dialogue between God and the Devil about their mutual decline

The President of the Constitutional Court, Pedro Gonzalez-Trevijano, yesterday in Madrid presented his play ‘Jubileo’, a dialectical duel between God and the Devil, wrapped in humor and cynicism, while performing the Camino de Santiago.

At the presentation press conference, which he attended together with the director, Gabriel OlivaresGonzález-Trevijano explained that the text was written when he was rector of the Rey Juan Carlos University, and that although the idea was to premiere it while he was already out of the TC –it should have been partially renewed in June– circumstances have led to the premiere coincide with his term as head of the court of guarantees.

The magistrate pointed out that the work is a very personal reflection on good and evil in the world.

‘Jubileo’ will be performed for only two weeks at the Fígaro Theater in Madrid, from August 31 to September 17

The work, as explained in a press release, is a journey through Western culture through historical figures and authors such as Voltaire, Kant, Darwin, Freud, Pirandello, Marx or the marquis of sadeas well as music, cinema or painting.

The staging of the “complex” text has been located in a trip to Santiago in which God and the Devil coincide with the aim of contemplating the restoration of the Pórtico de la Gloria.


At the press conference, the director, Olivares, stated that the author gave them the freedom to adapt the text to the show, and pointed out that they decided to title it ‘Jubilee’ because that is what he would like the show to convey.

Originally the work has the title of “Adonai and Belial, a family evening”.

Olivares explained that the function is presented as “in paintings very close to the pictorial” and that he considers that they have been able to capture the spirit of the text. “It is planned as a great trip, like a ‘road movie’”, he has mentioned.

One of the protagonists Javier Martin –in the role of God– explained that this has been one of the most difficult characters he has had to play, while Abraham Arenas –the Devil– affirmed that they have tried to humanize these two concepts to generate doubt about what is good and what is evil.

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