The rape of a girl by five men sets Kosovo on fire and fills the streets with protests

Dozens of outraged citizens for the rape of a girl by five men They gathered this Tuesday in Skënderbeu square in Pristina to protest sexist violence and demand forceful measures to combat it, reports the local newspaper Gazette Express.

The rape of the minor, 11 years old, that happened on Saturday in a park in the capital, has provoked numerous reactions of indignation. The police, who had arrested two alleged perpetrators of the crime on Sunday, reported today that they had arrested the other three suspects, while the Pristina Court ordered a month’s detention for all of them. “We have all failed, not just the state,” she said at the protest by activist Xheraldina Rexhepi, quoted by Gazette Express.

“We all have to start changing”, he added. The protesters demand a more efficient fight by the police and the Justice against the crimes and crimes of sexist violence, considering that they are currently not taken seriously enough.

On Monday, Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani called for the girl’s rape to be investigated. as quickly as possible and that severe penalties be imposed on those found guilty. The director of the Kosovar police, Samedin Mehmeti, resigned today “for reasons of professional conscience”, and the authorities have announced the formation of a commission of experts that will analyze the behavior of the institutions in relation to this case.


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